Juletræet i Nørholm blev tændt

Juletræet blev lørdag morgen (dagen før 1. søndag i advent) rejst og lyset tændt, og flere var mødt op til en dans om træet med sang. Alt imens duften af nybagte æbleskriver og gløgg spredte sig fra købmanden, som efter et par omgange om træet bød indenfor til “varmestue2 og god traditionel hygge. Tak til […]

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Do you recognise the following. You’ve a partner, a lovely child and most things aren’t running smoothly these days. You’re not feeling down or depressed but you’re quickly irritated, a bit tensed and anxious. Your spouse feels that situation and talks with you about it. You wave the problems away telling they don’t exists.  At […]

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The collapse of the online-advertising market in 2001 made marketing on the Internet seem even less compelling. Website usability, press releases, online media buys, podcasts, mobile marketing and more – there’s an entire world of internet advertising opportunities to explore. We specialize in internet marketing strategy, online advertising, web marketing and conversion. Learn about the […]

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When you’re first starting to build this new intention-setting skill (habit), it’s important not to pile on too much. Sure, it’s easy to get all excited about turning over a new leaf, but it’s essential that you start where you are NOW, not where you think you SHOULD be. There are things that, from experience, […]

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The legendary Rocky Mountains stretch from old Mexico up through the United States & into Canada. The Rocky Mountains are over 3000 miles long, spanning parts of california, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, & Wyoming before continuing into Canada. Stories of early adventurers like Lewis & Clark exploring the Rocky Mountains are legendary.  about everyone will find […]

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Cottage Cheese — Several recipes I encountered recommended whisking a Tablespoon of small curd cottage cheese in with each egg. Visually, the result was creamy and mildly fluffy scrambled eggs. In terms of taste, the cottage cheese did not contribute or detract from the eggs — but it did make the dish seem somehow impure. […]

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In an LCD screen, electric currents work at a microscopic level to control the amount of light that passes through the liquid crystal molecules that make up the moving layer of the screen, which is sandwiched between clear glass panels. The currents can force the naturally twisted molecules to unwind or coil tighter, thereby changing […]